Angélica Yazmin Rodríguez (born July 6 in Philadelphia, PA) is an American writer and business professional. She is best known for her published children’s book series, Bubba The Purple Cat.

Angélica is the oldest daughter of Puerto Rican parents and was raised in the island of Puerto Rico. In 2010 she was accepted into Metropolitan University of Puerto Rico, graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and a major in Marketing. In 2014 Rodríguez moved back to the city of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) seeking for new opportunities closer to her immediate family. Inspired by her two pets Isla (a calico cat) and her dog Sirena (a Siberian Husky) Angelica writes her first book. Her husband (a graphic designer) teamed up with her, creating the illustrations of the children’s book.

In May of 2019 with already two books in the market, Angélica decided to published a new children’s book titled “ My best friend, Dylan!”.  It is the story of a girl whose best friend has a skin condition called “Psoriasis”. She absolutely loves him and goes above and beyond to make him smile. It is a beautiful and amazing story about friendship, kindness and acceptance! Krystel Ivannie, a well known Puerto Rican- tattoo artist and cartoonist, created the illustrations of the story. She brought the characters to life, hand- painting each page in  watercolor details. With a third book in the Market, Angelica decided to brand and start her own book company and named it, AYR Books. Angelica has won the Purple Dragonfly Book Award in Children’s Literature, within the categories, “Best Illustrations”, “Cultural / Diversity” and “Animals / Pets”. She also won the Royal Dragonfly Book Award in the category “Self-help / Inspirational”. 

Angelica graduated in April 2021 from the University of Phoenix,  completing a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and works as a Human Resources professional outside of Philadelphia, PA. She continues to participate in different children’s book related events, presenting her own and inspiring with her stories! 

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